Trier: one photo at a time

Germany\’s oldest city through the eyes of a Kiwi

Winery in Maikammer

Wine cellar in Maikammer


Wine stacked in crates and piled high, awaiting sale, in the cellar of a small, family-run winery in Maikammer. Maikammer is a small town of just over 4000 inhabitants in the Pfalz (Palatinate) region and on the famed German Weinstraße. Vineyards dominate the landscape, just as wine-making dominates the economy.


Sunday, 28 May, 2006 - Posted by | Elsewhere, Objects


  1. Wine is obviously a big thing in your area. Love the archway.

    Comment by jean | Sunday, 4 June, 2006 | Reply

  2. Ahhh….wine…..ahhhh.

    Comment by Heidi | Saturday, 10 June, 2006 | Reply

  3. Cool shot! (And cool place I should say!)

    Comment by Seesaw | Wednesday, 14 June, 2006 | Reply

  4. I love the color of the wood. I like that you kept the archway in the shot. You are in such good wine country!

    Comment by Jenni | Monday, 26 June, 2006 | Reply

  5. the perspective in this picture is really cool. before i read the caption, i “saw” downtown city skyscrapers.


    Comment by bryteline | Monday, 14 August, 2006 | Reply

  6. I just love blogs with a Kiwi/German connection – being a Kiwi myself and suffering from some serious Fernweh! I was only ever once in Trier and briefly at that, so keep the pics coming 🙂

    Comment by pearine | Monday, 14 August, 2006 | Reply

  7. do they ship the wine to other towns or is just for consumption for those 4000 people??

    Comment by Fashion Guru | Saturday, 19 August, 2006 | Reply

  8. Were are the this wood?
    Xico Rocha

    Comment by Xico Rocha | Sunday, 10 September, 2006 | Reply

  9. Don’t let Winston see these!

    Comment by Meg | Saturday, 16 September, 2006 | Reply

  10. Very nice woody effect, and the balance between the square boxes and the round arch. Great shot

    Comment by Nathalie | Tuesday, 19 September, 2006 | Reply

  11. Wood crafts form a distinct pattern and the wood looks warm and rich.

    Comment by Kate | Saturday, 23 September, 2006 | Reply

  12. Wood crates form a distinct pattern and the wood looks warm and rich.

    Comment by Kate | Saturday, 23 September, 2006 | Reply

  13. Look forward to visiting in early december ’07

    Comment by chris williams | Monday, 18 June, 2007 | Reply

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    Comment by parsonsramos45598 | Friday, 8 April, 2016 | Reply

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